At StoneTek, we understand that every space is unique and that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer custom design services for our natural stone counters. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a counter top that is tailored to your specific needs, preferences, and aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a specific color, pattern, or edge profile, we can make it happen. With our custom design services, the possibilities are endless and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is important that you are on-site at the time of the template. Templates are the basis for fabricating your countertops and the tops will be made to match the templates. The templater will review overhang, radius corners, and other issues which commonly arise. The person on-site at the time of templating is the final authority and has full responsibility for signing off on the templates and paperwork. It’s a good idea to have someone responsible for the job onsite who can confirm these details.

Most natural stone and quartz countertops contain seams. natural stone and quartz seams can be seen and felt to the touch. Stones with vein direction may require additional seams to ensure vein direction is consistent throughout the room. In addition, physical access issues such as stairs, doorways, and different levels with elevator access may require countertop pieces to be made smaller. Seam location is always at StoneTek’s discretion. Installers will attempt to make the seams as tight as possible. The acceptable industry standard for seams is up to 1/8” wide and 1/32” rise for every 12” of a seam. Natural stone (Quartz and Granite) does not flex and is not perfectly flat, and slabs vary in thickness so it is not possible to always have a perfectly flat seam.

Yes, we strongly encourage your visit to StoneTek and select materials from our large inventory. We would prefer a selection of materials within 1 week of the Template. Hold material is valid for 7 business days ONLY. The material will be released after 7 business days if an order is not received, or other arrangements have not been made.

Undermount sink cutout – No – the cutout process puts a hole in these cutouts and the cutouts are sharp and misshaped. They are recycled immediately after they are cut out. 
Drop-in Sink or Cooktop cutout – Possibly – In the event that you have a cooktop or drop-in sink, those cutouts are scored in our shop and finished in the home. These pieces are often sharp and misshaped and would require additional cutting and polishing if you would like to use them as a cutting board or side table. Additional charges will apply to fabricate anything with these cutouts. You must notify the template and installer if you are interested in keeping this cutout, otherwise, it will be recycled.
Undermount sinks-The installers will mount, and attach your under-mount sink, and it is the responsibility of the plumber to complete the rest of the job.
Drop-in sink- We cut the opening and confirm the sink fits in the cutout. We do not permanently attach the sink to the countertop – this is completed by the plumber.
Farmer’s Apron Sinks- These sinks have to be permanently installed by the homeowner or contractor on site prior to the template. Stonetek will not template the job if the sink is not permanently installed. 
Faucet holes & Soap Dispensers- Installers drill for the faucet hole on-site as well as the soap dispenser. Make sure you have these accessories on-site and accessible for the installers. The installers will have to be TOLD if there is a soap dispenser, and which side to drill the hole on the counter. If they are misinformed of this information an additional fee will be charged for a return trip.