Cristallo Extra Blue Quartzite -Exotic Quartzite

With a bright blue pattern across a clean white crystal background. This Exotic Brazilian Quartzite makes for an incredible and long-lasting focus piece!

Generally, softer stones like Marble and Onyx can be easily scratched or stained, so for example, they would be more suited to a vanity top instead of a kitchen counter. Semi-Precious Stone and Agate countertops can be sensitive to extreme heat, due to the resin content holding the slabs together, although scratching is far from a concern. Quartzite and Granite are typically the most durable Natural Stones for a countertop.

Your countertop’s ability to handle heat, scratching, or other damage from heavy use is one of the most important things to consider before deciding on a material. To some, durability may be more of a priority than others, so it’s important to consider the unique properties and hardness of the stone you are working with. 

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