Marble offers an upscale and classic appearance. With its rich color tones, mirror-like finish and dramatic veining, marble conveys the ultimate feeling of elegance and formality. Colors range from white and muted browns to reds and greens depending on the mineral impurities present in the stone. It is highly recommended to view an entire slab before deciding to use a specific stone as your countertop; each stone is a product of nature and very unique.

It is important to be aware of marble’s negative aspects before deciding to use it for a countertop. Being more porous and softer than granite, marble will scratch, stain and etch easily. Sealing twice a year will aid in not allowing fluids to absorb as quickly.

What is marble and where does it come from

Marble is metamorphic limestones found in areas where large masses of rock have been ground against each other and buried under tons of pressure causing heat build up which causes the transformation of pre-existing rock. The majority of marble comes in a polish finish, however, some colors are available in Honed and other finishes. Please call us for more information.

Marble Countertop Maintenance and Care

Because the main component of marble is calcium, it is quite porous and can stain easily. Everyday foods containing acids such as coffee, fruit juice, cola and tomato products can stain a marble countertop. Cosmetics and other products containing fragrances and dyes can also damage a marble countertop.

Sealing a countertop is a must and should be done twice a year to protect the surface from harmful liquid absorption. Acidic substances and cosmetics will wear away the sealer and stain the marble.

Wipe spills up immediately using a mild dishwashing detergent and water, then rinse and dry to prevent soap residue from drilling your marble countertop. Never use any products containing acidic substances or abrasives. We recommend using products specially designed for natural stone to clean and polish your marble countertops.

Always use trivets, coasters, cutting boards and trays to protect your marble countertops from stains and scratches.