Granite is as old as the earth. It is the second hardest stone (diamond being the first) and is formed from molten rock found worldwide.

Designers have used granite for countertops for decades. It adds color and warmth to a room. Granite has become the most popular countertop material today. Minerals form the patterns in the stone that make a countertop a work of functional art. Its beauty cannot be duplicated.

There are literally hundreds of granite colors. Within the whites, browns, reds, greens, blues, golds and blacks are variations created by each stone's mineral contents. This creates an almost endless array of granite colors. And even within a particular stone, each slab has its own unique one-of-a-kind look created by nature. Granite is available with polished (high gloss finish), brushed (smooth surface), honed (smooth, flat look), or flamed (roughened) surface finishes. This hard, long-lasting, stone countertop resists scratches, cuts, and scorching heat, but it should be sealed to avoid stains.

The beauty of granite is that you can find a wide selection to complement any style of cabinet from rustic country to traditional to the more contemporary styles.

Some of the granite colors exhibit "movement" or designs within the natural color and others just have small patterns. The combination of color and movement means that no two countertops are alike. It is important to look at each slab and reserve the one you want for your home.

Choose a qualified company like StoneTek to supply, fabricate, and install your granite countertops. A StoneTek professional can help you select the right color and pattern for your decor and help you choose the right backsplash and sink style. StoneTek can also provide you with the edge profile you desire, and finish the surface to bring out its unique characteristics.

While granite is frequently used for kitchen countertops, it is also used in homes, offices, and buildings for bathroom surfaces, flooring, and walls. Granite has been used for many years on building exteriors due to its resistance to weather damage.

You will be amazed at the choices there are of this luxurious countertop material.