Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

Our Commitment: At StoneTek, we remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint leveraging technology and other initiatives in the natural stone industry.

Water: StoneTek uses a closed-loop water recycling system providing 100% recycled water to every machine.

Material: All of our material scraps and leftover pieces are palletized, recycled, crushed, and turned into gravel for asphalt paving and landscaping. Able Asphalt, Inc. of South Dartmouth, MA. partners with StoneTek to accomplish reusability of all our materials.

Green Products: StoneTek continues to work with innovative products – such as IceStone, eco by Cosentino, Curava and Silestone MURO – that use post-consumer recycled glass and concrete.

As new eco-friendly products that embrace sustainability are introduced, StoneTek will continue to evolve and offer these choices to you. In addition, we will continue to employ eco-friendly practices into everything we do.